At the seminar of "International Imaging Equipment Exhibition", the results
of the radiation irradiation test of the CMOS radiation-resistant
image sensor jointly researched with JAXA were announced.

Future artificial satellites carried out based on joint research and
development with JAXA at the seminar of "International Imaging Equipment
Exhibition" scheduled to be held at Pacifico Yokohama from Wednesday,
December 2nd to Friday, December 4th. The irradiation tests (gamma rays,
heavy ions and protons) required for on-board use have been completed, and
it has been confirmed that the performance meets the standards required for
on-board satellite use, and the results will be announced.

11/2020 Exhibited radiation-resistant cameras at the Mach booth at
"Robot Aerospace Festa Fukushima 2020"

We will set up a booth dedicated to Mach at "Robot Aerospace Festa Fukushima
2020" to be held in Koriyama, Fukushima Prefecture on November 27th (Friday)
and 28th (Saturday), and will exhibit our radiation-resistant cameras.

10/2020 Announced the results of radiation irradiation test of radiation-resistant
CMOS image sensor for mounting on artificial satellites at MEWS33

Based on the development with joint research with JAXA, it was confirmed that
the radiation irradiation test (gamma rays, heavy ions and protons) required
for future artificial satellites was completed and that the standards required
for satellites were satisfied. it is complete.
This result will be announced at MEWS33 (Micro Electronics Work Shop 33),
which will be held at the Tsukuba International Conference Center on October 28,
sponsored by JAXA.
Many manufacturers such as NASA, ESA, and satellite mounting parts suppliers
will participate in this workshop, so it is expected that the announcement here will
raise the profile and showcase our technological capabilities.


Development of radiation-resistant color camera with subsidy from
Fukushima Prefecture is selected

It was adopted by proposing the colorization of the monochrome radiation-resistant
camera for mass production that is currently in the "Fukushima Prefecture Regional
Reconstruction Practical Development Promotion Project" that Fukushima Prefecture
has solicited with a subsidy.
As a result, at the end of February next year, the first domestically produced
color camera using a radiation-resistant CMOS image sensor will be born.


From a major manufacturer that undertakes decommissioning of
the Fukushima nuclear power plant We have received an order
for a mass production model of a radiation resistant camera.


From a major manufacturer undertaking the decommissioning process of
the Fukushima nuclear power plant,Received an order for outsourcing of
miniaturization of radiation resistant camera mass production model.


We started to develop a color camera for mass production model of
radiation resistant camera.

3/2020 Mass production model based on joint research and development
agreement with JAXA,we performed the Heavy ion irradiation test of radiation
resistant CMOS image sensor (@ RIKEN)and the proton irradiation test
(@ Tohoku University).
The irradiation test has been completed.As a result, it must have radiation
resistance characteristics foron-board satellites was confirmed.


Received an order from a major manufacturer under contract for
decommissioning of the Fukushima nuclear power plant.
We delivered the camera evaluation board with built-in
radiation-resistant CMOS image sensor.

12/2019 We installed 5 prototype cameras ordered by Tokyo Electric Power Co., Inc.
About gamma ray radiation limit irradiation test Takasaki Quantum Applied
Research Institute We have completed the radiation limit irradiation test for 4 months
at the facility.As a result, we confirmed that it have radiation resistance performance exceeding 2 MGy.


(December 05, 2018 - December 07, 2018、Pacifico Yokohama)


The article of our company and our company president was posted in the November issue of NIKKEI ELECTRONICS.
(November 11, 2018)


We have been interviewed from Nikkei Electronics.


Our camera was introduced at the TV station.
Sunday, September 16 23:30 NHK broadcast
Science ZERO "is series nuclear plant accident (18) new technology, and challenge it"! Concealed "risk of the decommissioning"


We exhibited at JAXA Sagamihara campus special release (27-28).


Our developed products were posted on the website of the Ministry of the Environment.

12/2017 Our developed products were broadcast on overseas TV.
11/2017 Our got an interview from the TV station.